Populuxxe (5th Anniversary)

by Cutting Pink With Knives

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released January 22, 2011


all rights reserved



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Track Name: St. Lazare
I can’t see through the astral streams
My visions lost in laser beams
Confused by ageless cosmic dreams
Yeah, ageless ageless cosmic dreams
Where aerostatic sculptures lean
And fill my eyeholes full of steam
A million worlds I’ll never see
Because of how I’ve always been
“All our eyeholes multiply themselves, twice!”
Track Name: Coasts
Distant shorelines
Pulsating rivers
The quiet motions
Of night time swimmers
If we push against currents we’ll leave a mark on the surface
Of all the oceans we’ve ever touched, they’ll remember the shape of our bodies
“If it’s the ocean, or if it’s the sea”
I always keep water, real close to me
F-A-I-N-T-S-P-A-R-K-S, yeah
Light tracks through the sand
And guide you along the sea
They fill your eyes
As the water warms your heart
Track Name: St. Mark
Once I found you, then I lost you
In a crowded sky of white rooms
St Mark you were my best friend
St Mark you know how light bends
You taught me about refraction
And distant blankets of warmth
St Mark
Once I found you, then I lost you
Do you remember your friends
Or were they forgotten?
That freezing day I lost you
In that endless sky of white rooms
I once found you, then I lost you
In a crowded sky of white rooms
S-s-s-s-s-st Mark
Track Name: Airz
If I could
I’d reposition this collection of atoms
And make sure they’d bend
Bend to fit you
Constantly bending and floating
Constantly bending and reforming
The anti-matter redefines the circuity of shapeless lines
Changing patterns, augmenting signs in an effort to redesign
The curves of science the never ending ties
In the space and time the strength of size
The sound of lines the shape of size
The sounds of time
We’re interrupting infinity
Me and you, interrupting infinity
Track Name: See Emm Sea
Ultrasonic spectrasonic supersonic microquasar
Subatomic redesigns that configure your perception
They’re so bright, these lights
“I’m not a fucking planet, I’m a fucking king cobra”
The electromagnetic spectrum
Fills your heart with hope
But they can’t make up their minds
And they don’t see that you can’t cope
They’ve measured you against some interstellar medium
If only they’d decide
You could move on with your life
And the redesign could take shape
You’d be the biggest motherfucker there is
And we can hold hands
And redesign the whole fucking cosmos
Track Name: You're Late
I have hands the size of neptune
I have eyes as wide as the moon
I have time for recollections
Of distant spheres, yeah distant spheres, yeah
So when you come over we’ll discuss the theories of heat
But when I say “come home”
Will I know where you’ll go?
And you when I say “you’re late”
Will you say “don’t blame me blame our hearts that ache this was always just your mistake
This was always just your mistake
This has always been what you‘ve made”
And I’ll say you’re right
You’re right
Track Name: IDIC
Remember time
Is undefined
Projections of debilitating frequencies
All undermine our systems of signs
There is infinite diversity in infinite combinations
So embrace life
Accept everything
As part of you
And your genetic fabric
Love is everything
Join together
Create beauty
Create meaning
Track Name: Montreal, Renegade
Come into a clearing
The eyes reflect
Everything that we’ve been seeing
Everything that we’ve been missing
Everything we’ve never held close
Redwood, they swallow us whole
Redwood, they can’t be defined
Redwood, they’ll forget us
Redwood, they’ll see through our eyes
But I’ve built skyscrapers which electrify towering in height and polished smooth they’re chronologically complete
Redwoods? Just fuel
Track Name: Pyramids
The pyramids of the south west
Were destroyed by wind
Were destroyed by heat
They promised such sounds
They promised such warmth
They collapsed under years of broken dreams
And tired hands
Condemned by gods
That thought they’d rot
And so would we, but they were wrong
We will rebuild the pyramids
Against glass skies and fill empty hearts
We’ll al regain the golden shapes
That defined our lives
They’ll be rebuilt, they’ll be rebuilt
Track Name: No Falcons
We don’t have to design
The designs exist, they’re predetermined
They just design themselves
They just design themselves
There’s a beautiful aperiodic
Crystal of harmony
And there are no falcons on the aces
Only numbers that place themselves
And leave open the design
All we are is arbitrary factors
In an aleatoric structure
We’re defined by chance
And we define chance itself
Track Name: Lightning's Solar Crystal Power
It was a saint’s day
When I took you
To that quiet place
We both fell into
Lightning’s solar crystal power
Gave us words we both remember
Even now in late November
“With every ageing fleeting moment
Remember youth is motion
So hold it”
And lightning’s solar crystal power
Gave me something I just remembered
Because I’m complacent, blind and ageing
But it’s something so important
I held it so close I couldn’t even see it
It gave me you
On that saint’s day
When I took you
To that quiet place
We both fell into
But I forget which saint
Track Name: Universal Models
Light curves around your chest
Carves out new roads
That twist around your throat
“Something that no one knows”
It’s all about your family
And their role in brasilia
And the concept of its foundations
“The architecture follows you
It acts like glue
It redefines you
And your anchor points”
And mies, mies, van der rohe
In some constructivist rike
Played your father's tongue
And redesigned his lungs
As stable systems of living
Universal models
Track Name: All Our Oldest Spirits and Ghosts
Mountains become wolves and serpents
Orbits become trendy dances
The spirit father guide your way
And hold your hands through massive deserts
Us kids can becomes lost in quasars
And drowned in physics and drama
But there’s one answer that I always found
Was always way close to my heart
“I appreciate that they’re the closest friends I’ll ever have
But I just don’t have proof, and there’s just too much malaise man!”
Well my best friends are still in touch with their oldest spirit father
They have weighed them up against their ageing epistemic structures
And they have replaced god and science with their oldest spirit fathers
They found gaps had been filled
Questions answered and a cure for cancer
Look for them
In the night sky
Look for them
In the night sky
Yeah, look for them
All those dying spirits and ghosts
Track Name: Lions
They met on a star
An intergalactic romance
Their metallic hearts shattered
In a swirl of stellar matter
That burst into flames
Of the most beautiful colour
They said they’d marry
And the next day, they did
“And if I know one thing, it’s that we’re a binary star a fucking cosmic event”
And he collapsed, on that forgotten date, in an elated state
She said “I love the stars above, for bringing you to me”
Track Name: Laser Hannon
Night jets
Burn across
Pacific skies
And summer heat
Motors scream and you bend your knees
You can’t sleep in this southern heat
You lie awake and dream of cities
Crystalline structures
And streams of air that hold you up
“If you don’t sleep, then I won’t sleep, we’re such close friends, just the best of friends”
It’s hard to remember
What it felt like before
This burning sun came along
And dried this land up
When water shaped your country just like it shaped your heart
Yeah we’ll find somewhere cooler
Somewhere that’s ours
We’ll find our heaven
Track Name: Cosmic Explosion of the Velvets
“Can you teach me?”
I said “don’t worry
I can see through shapes and shades of geometry
Simple angles and simple spheres
I’ll show you, just
Look at the colour of our hair
It’s a galactic sonic glare that shimmers in the light
Of a thousand year old glow”
“It’s fantastic!”
“So our galaxies collide and form polyhedra that melt in your hand and solidify as circles
And they’re circling your heart
They’re circling your heart”

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